Instructions for Oral and Poster Presentation

Presentation templates are available in the links below to be used for oral presentations and agora presentations (poster). Please note that the same model it is being adopted for all events (COBRAMSEG / SBMR / GEOJOVEM / SFGE).



We call attention of the presenters to the recommendations on the exhibition of the papers, as contained in each template provided. Among them are:

  • Use the provided templates to prepare your presentation
  • Keep the presentation simple and not overloaded with information
  • It is required to scale the presentation according to the time available:
    • Oral presentation: 9 minutes
    • Agora presentation: 3 minutes
  • Oral presentations should be delivered and tested on the media desk the day before your presentation
  • The agora presentations can be inserted directly on the TV of the exhibition hall, depending on availability
  • The organizing committee requests that presentations have no commercial orientation