Abstract Submission Guidelines

Target Audience:

Professional engineering and academic community within the fields of soil and rock mechanics, whose research falls into one of the topics present at the Conference – see TOPICS list.

General Rules:

Submission of abstracts will be accepted from 09/25/2015 to 01/18/2016. All required information must be provided at the time of submission to the system:

  • General paper topic / theme
  • Paper sub-theme
  • Full title
  • Abstract (2400 to 4000 characters)
  • Authors (minimum of 01 author, maximum of 10)
  • Keywords (minimum of 03 keywords, maximum of 06)

It is expected by the review panel that all submitted abstracts must state the justification and/or motivation for the work, research methodology and results – even when preliminary.

Authors must submit their abstracts exclusively through the SWGE online platform, by selecting the desired event:

COBRAMSEG (languages accepted: Portuguese and English)

SBMR (languages accepted: Portuguese and English)

GEOJOVEM (languages accepted: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Main author must be under 35 years of age)

SFGE (language accepted: English)

Use of SWGE Platform

  1. If you already have an active SWGE account, go to step 4;
  2. Creating and activating your SWGE Account:
    • Access the SWGE Platform [COBRAMSEG | SBMR | GEOJOVOEM | SFGE];
    • Find and expand the New Account Form;
    • Complete the fields of this form and click the Create ccount button;
    • You will receive an email with instructions for activating your SWGE account;
  3. Activating your SWGE Account:
    • Follow the email’s instructions to activate the account by clicking on the existing LINK in the message; or
    • Copying and pasting the link in the navigation address area of your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc); or
    • Copying the activation code and inserting this in the Activate Account form;
  4. Login to your SWGE Account:
    • Identify the Login Form area and enter your login data;
    • Make sure you have selected the desired event;
    • On the first login, the system will prompt you to fill in additional data by profile update functionality.
  5. Abstract Submission:
    • On the logged user area, identify and expand the functionality Submit a New Paper;
    • Fill in the paper submission fields and click the Send Paper button;
    • The SWGE platform will send an email to your email address confirming the submission;
    • The submitted abstract can be viewed and updated in the My Papers area.

If you have any question or problem, please contact the SWGE Supporting Team.