Belo Horizonte (e.g., Beautiful Horizon), the young metropolis who pioneered Brazil´s urban planning, surprises it´s visitors with a well-balanced arrangement between a “garden city” (one of Belo´s nicknames) and a modern, lively urban center. Founded in 1897, Belo Horizonte was the first Brazilian city designed to become a major State Capital of the 20th century. Throughout the 4 years of city planning, Eng. Aarão Reis´s team always maintained as a design characteristic a distinct division between 3 different city sectors: central, suburban and rural areas – marked by a clear, definitive transition permeated with lots of public spaces and green zones. Today, even though the city outgrew its original “planned” size in over 20 times, the legacy of this symbiosis between “green” and “urban” delights visitors from Brazil and abroad who increasingly choose Belo Horizonte as home base for business and fun!

Regarding this re-discovered vocation, the Minas Gerais capital is progressively becoming a reference in the Business Tourism market, thanks to competitive factors such as: a five-million people metropolitan area, excellence and innovation in the service business, a plethora of cultural and historical attractions, a vibrating nightlife and entertainment selection and a key geographic position within the Brazilian territory (the city is located 434 km / 270 mi from Rio, 586 km / 364 mi from São Paulo and 716 km / 444 mi from Brasilia).

Celebrated as a top contender in the national playfield regarding its historical patrimony, architecture, handcraftsmanship, cuisine and artistic expressions, the cultural life of Belo Horizonte is an attraction by itself. Boasting approximately 18.6 thousand pubs and restaurants, the native hospitality and famous regional menu are right around the corner… Literally! For shoppers, attentions are drawn towards the Mercado Central (Central Market) and it’s over 400 shopping booths, as well as the high-end Savassi region and the fashion disctricts of Lourdes, Prado and Barro Preto.

Aside from the nearby historical towns and UNESCO´s Patrimony of Humanity sites –mandatory visits for first time comers – the cultural journey could not be completed without a quick trip to Inhotim, an artistic and landscaping complex home to one of the greatest collections of contemporary art in Brazil, considered the largest open air museum in Latin America.

Nowadays, and in times of “creative” economics, Belo Horizonte has thrived in the business developing / start-up market. Recently, areas such as information technology, communication, biotechnology, health and medical excellence, artisan brewery, fashion and design are showcasing their preference for the city – already bringing national and international fame for their brands and personnel.

Whatever the reason for your visit, come live with us the excitement of our history and bring home the memories of a truly Beautiful Horizon.