Founded in 1992, the TDM group became quickly a leader Company in Latin America on geosynthetics manufacturing, supplying and installation. Present in six different countries with more than 100 specialized engineers and its several engineering solutions which are used to solve typical problems mining, environmental, construction and infrastructure sectors, the TDM has been very remarkable in the national market, obtaining client reliability and opening more and more innovation ways.

TRI Ambiental do Brasil Ltda is the Brazilian office of TRI/Environmental, Inc. (USA), internationally known for its excellent reputation and the most comprehensive infrastructure in geosynthetic testing worldwide. TRI is an independent company that provides third – party services in quality control of geosynthetics in laboratory and in the field; leak location in installed geomembranes exposed or covered with water, soil or residues; and quality control plans as well as other services.
Gerdau is the leader in the segment of long steel in the Americas and one of the main suppliers of special long steel in the world. In Brazil, Gerdau also produces flat steel and iron. It is the largest recycler in Latin America; and in the world, it transforms each year millions of tons of scrap steel, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development in the regions where it operates.
A CGL FUNDAÇÕES executa fundações especiais em todo Brasil desde 1997. Paredes diafragma, estacas secantes, hélice continua monitorada; cravação de estacas metálicas e pré-moldadas (martelo hidráulico), estacas raiz. Contamos com uma completa infraestrutura de equipamentos (importados e nacionais). Equipe altamente qualificada para atender as opções técnicas e econômicas nos projetos de fundações e principalmente, com a promoção da segurança e preservação do meio ambiente.
Prefaz is a Brazilian industry, specializing in the design, production and marketing of concrete structures for the market of the construction.With 15 years of market and two manufacturing units (Candeis/MG and Feira de Santana/BA), the company constantly invests in the quality and conformity to the ABNT standards, in the manufacture of: Structures (pillars, beams and slabs); Stakes forces and pre-stressed (square – full and hollow, circular – castings); Poles (Double T, circulars, circular CR.
The 3Geo Technology is a company dedicated to developing, manufacturing, supplying, maintenance and calibration of geotechnical, and environmental instrumentation.  The 3Geo develops, and supplies equipment and instrumentation systems of excellent quality, such as: WL meters, electric piezometers, tensiometers, magnetic sensors, inclinometers, rod extensometers, 3D crack meters, dataloggers with wireless transmission and data presentation.  The 3Geo also has equipments for rent.
Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd. (KKC) is a leading company in Geospatial information technology. Utilizing “measurement technology” through “applied technology”, we create ever more accurate maps, essential for developing social infrastructure and nation building. Founded in 1963, the Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. (YEC) has the Flood and Sediment Control, Disaster Reduction and Sabo Work as one of its most highly specialized fields.
 A Record Engenharia é uma empresa especializada em Impermeabilização, instalação de Geossintéticos, Tubulações de PEAD e Construção de Civil. São mais de 45 anos de experiência com impermeabilização e 60 anos de credibilidade do Grupo Record. A Engepol Geossintéticos iniciou suas atividades em 1991 sendo precursora na fabricação de reservatórios de geomembranas no Brasil. Até hoje é a única empresa a desenvolver o produto em matriz plana e com a melhor rede credenciada de instaladores.
Founded in 1998, the company operates in the geotechnical, construction and energy field with turn-key solutions for hard access work. Through a clear understanding of the needs, the company offers the best solutions. Services: Containment of slopes and embankments; Solo stapled with high strength steel screens or engineered concrete; Dynamic barriers; Geological geotechnical projects re-engineering; Containment elements in reinforced concrete; Deep and surface drainage; Grout injection; Testing and load testing