A Modulus Engenharia é especializada em instrumentação de estacas em fundação profunda – especialmente os ensaios de carregamento dinâmico (conhecido como PDA ou ECD) e ensaios de integridade (PIT), atuando no mercado brasileiro da construção civil desde 2003.


Since 1995 CARMIX do Brazil represents manufacturers of machinery, equipment and accessories for civil construction and infrastructure internationally recognized for the quality of its products and for being market leaders in their respective segments. The support and direct contact with these brands provides security in proposing appropriate solutions to customer needs with quality assurance. If you’re looking for an effective partnership, please call us. The solution of your problems is our priority.


Engegraut is a pioneer geotechnical corporation in the treatment of soils, particularly soft soils. It offers technical solutions customized for each request, optimizing time and costs. It possesses researched, developed and patented technology for the treatment of soft soil, the CPR Grouting, as well as other types of grouting, specific to each situation, and refoundation processes.


GeoFast is a consulting and training company in geotechnical engineering. The GeoFast team of professors and engineers is coordinated by the director Saulo Gutemberg Silva Ribeiro, D.Sc. by COPPE/UFRJ. The director was professor at Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) over 23 years and now has been dedicated all your time on consulting and teaching in geotechnics. GeoFast is certified by GeoSlope International Ltd. as official technical support in Brazil of Geo-Studio software.


Máquina Solo is reference in rental & sales solutions in foundation, geotechnical, mining and environmental segments. We are representatives of leading global brands.


Sol Solution is a geotechnical, geological, and geophysical engineering firm established in 1992 – offering services as well as design, development, and distribution of geotechnical processes and investigation equipment. Being the premier specialist in compaction and bearing capacity control equipment, the company offers a complete line of products and also focuses heavily on innovation and research for its own needs (products and services) as well as for its customers.


SoilVision Systems Ltd. provides next-generation finite-element and slope stability numerical modeling software technologies to geotechnical engineers worldwide. Our products are the most technically advanced suite of 1D/2D/3D geotechnical software currently available and apply new technologies such as automatic mesh refinement, unsaturated soils, and 3D analysis. Our software demonstrates continuous innovation in close response to the needs of our customers to provide a competitive edge for those who utilize our software.


A Roma Faz parte do Grupo D’Amaro, que está presente há quase 50 anos no mercado, produzindo Telas e Filmes Plásticos para os mais variados segmentos e usos, entre eles está à linha de Geossintéticos, que foi desenvolvida para atender as necessidades dos Setores de Infraestrutura, Construção Civil Pesada e Leve, Proteção Ambiental, Mineração, Industrial, e de Agronegócios em geral. Toda nossa linha de Geossintéticos está devidamente de acordo com as normas existentes.


A MECROC ENGENHARIA, fundada em 2012, é uma empresa direcionada a atuar na prestação de Serviços Geomecânicos e Geotécnicos e tem como objetivo satisfazer as necessidades deste tema em minerações (subterrânea e céu aberto). Tem como missão ser um motor para mudanças operacionais, otimizando operações com segurança, implantação de tecnologias, utilizando técnicas avançadas de instrumentação geomecânicas e sismográficas disponíveis no mercado.


Rocscience has been creating easy to use, reliable geotechnical software since 1996. We specialize in 2D and 3D analysis and design programs for civil engineering and mining applications. Our high quality programs allow engineers to quickly and accurately analyze surface and underground structures in rock and soil, thereby improving safety and reducing the cost of design projects.


Studio Marchetti develops and distributes DMT and SDMT, geotechnical equipments for site investigations particularly helpful in projects where soil stiffness and settlements predictions are critical to the design. The test is currently used in over 70 countries. Pagani Geotechnical Equipment, leader in the design and manufacturing of CPT/SPT/DP equipment for over 30 years, has always been at the leading edge in the technological research. Our philosophy is growing with our customers and providing custom-made services.


Founded in 2008, CGC Geotechnical and Construction Ltda., operates in the soil improvement with the execution of Jet Grouting (with 3.5 m of diameter) and Chemical Grouting. We have the exclusive license to use in Brazil and Latin America leading technologies treatment developed soils in these 50 years, by KAJIMA CORP and CHEMICAL GROUTING CO LTD. We offer “realibility, guarantee and certainty” by appliying advanced techniques of treatment in underground.


Founded in 1981, Progeo Engenharia executes geological and geotechnical probing; slope contention through tiebacks and ground anchors; shotcrete; reinforced concrete structures; structural recovery; grouting curtain in dams and urban drainage. It works in any region of Brazil providing specialized teams with experience in hydropower plants, subways, mining, roads and railways.


Innovation has a hallmark of Cipatex®. A leader in the manufacturing of coverings, it is known for the wide variety of products in its portfolio. Operating in the plastic, chemical and non-woven fabric industries, Cipatex® is present both in the Brazilian and in the international market. Its products cater for the markets of footwear and accessories, furniture, automobiles, construction, appliances, coverings, sports and leisure, gifts, school materials, childcare, and stickers.


Junttan Oy is specialized in designs and manufactures hydraulic piling equipment. Working close by the contractors, Junttan has been developing new products of entire industry for over 40 years. Combining piling equipment “state-of-the-art”  with uncontested customer service and sheer determination to go great lengths to help customers succeed. The Scandinavian liability meets the modern challenges in the piling process.


GEOCONTROLE BR is a Brazilian company, branch of a multinational company founded in Portugal, with over 40 years of experience in geotechnical studies. In Brazil GEOCONTROLE is able, in accordance with an expertise gained, to perform geotechnical prospection, geophysical studies, geotechnical design consulting, geotechnical construcion works, technological control, instrumentation and monitoring, soil and rocks mechanics laboratory. The presence of GEOCONTROLE in Brazil reaffirms the potential importance of the country in continental macro economic context.


A DSoares é especializada em investigações geológico-geotécnicas, ensaios de solo, instrumentação e consultoria geotécnica. Tem serviços executados e em execução em 18 estados brasileiros. Além dos serviços executados em diversos locais de difícil acesso no Brasil, já executou também serviços na Antártida, o continente mais inóspito do planeta. A DSoares tem também um setor de LOCAÇÃO, onde loca equipamentos para sondagem rotativa.


A Keller é líder mundial em serviços de fundação e engenharia geotécnica. Em 2007 iniciou suas operações no Brasil. Em 2016 a Keller cresceu através da aquisição do grupo Tecnogeo. Atualmente o grupo Keller possui um portfolio completo de soluções geotécnicas e está entre as maiores empresas de geotecnia do Brasil. O Grupo Keller conta a vasta experiência de uma empresa multinacional com mais de 155 anos de atuação em obras geotécnicas.  A experiência acumulada nesses anos nos ensinou a avaliar as condições de projeto, definir objetivos e usar as técnicas corretas. Essa estratégia ajuda a garantir que o trabalho seja de maneira previsível, de forma eficiente, segura e confiável.


Concrete Canvas® was developed in England as part of a revolutionary new class of materials GCCM (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat). CC GCCM® is a flexible cement impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire proof concrete layer. Essentially, it’s concrete on a roll, allowing the concrete to be used in a completely innovative way in a variety of applications for infrastructure.


Frente aos desastres naturais recorrentes no país, o Governo Brasileiro propôs ao Governo Japonês um acordo de cooperação técnica para a gestão integrada de riscos de desastres. O Projeto Gides é executado pelo Mcidades, Cemaden, Cenad e CPRM, contando com a cooperação de especialistas japoneses do Ministério da Terra, Transporte, Infraestrutura e Turismo – MLIT, Agência de Meteorologia do Japão e outros órgãos de expertise na área através da Agência de Cooperação Internacional do Japão – Jica.