Protendidos DYWIDAG, a DSI Group company, for over 40 years, is pioneer in Brazil in the development of post tensioning systems with steel bars, applicable in many niches in the civil construction market, meeting the highest technical and quality requirements. With worldwide recognition, the DYWIDAG and GEWI® Systems are renowned for their efficiency, reliability and singularity, due to their different load capacities and applications.


The HUESKER Group is a geosynthetics manufacturer with more than 150 years of tradition based on high quality and innovation. Founded in Germany, it is one of the biggest references in the geosynthetics market, and it’s present in the most challenging engineering projects. With subsidiaries in UK, Russia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, Asia, USA and Brazil, the HUESKER Group has its own sales branches in more than 60 countries, providing engineering consultancy services worldwide.


A Incotep Sistemas de Ancoragem é uma divisão do Grupo Açotubo, onde atua no desenvolvimento de sistemas de protensão, realizando aplicações geotécnicas e estruturais, onde são desenvolvidos produtos de alta qualidade para atender as mais diversas necessidades. Conheça nossas soluções para seus processos. Tirantes Autoinjetável, Tirantes Monobarras e Micro Estacas, Tirantes Threadbolt, Tirantes Inco Ankor, Cordoalhas, Blocos e Clavetes, Enfilagem para Túneis, entre outros.


With over 135 years of global experience and 40 years of presence in Latin America, Maccaferri, through continuous research and constant technical development, it has invested heavily to expand its range of special solutions for engineering. The Maccaferri is recognized by its customers as the most complete geosynthetic manufacturer in Latin America, coupled with the strict quality control in fully equipped own laboratories, fulfills its fundamental commitment to meet customer needs.


The Deflor Bioengineering is a pioneer in Latin America in the production of biodegradable erosion control blankets, wattles and Vetiver grass for Erosion and Sediment Control. Founded in 1984, specializes in protection, environmental restoration and complementary services of civil engineering such as drainage, containment, earthmoving, gabion walls, soil nailing, anchor soil. The company is qualified according to international standards for quality (ISO 9001) and Environment (ISO 14001).


GEOBRUGG AG is the steel technology division of the Swiss Group BRUGG responsible for research, development, manufacture and marketing of systems for protection against natural hazards successfully installed in Brazil and in more than 40 countries. FGS Geotechnics is a specialized company in geotechnical studies and desing, with extensive experience in the Brazilian market. Provides a technical excellence of work applied to the practice of geotechnical engineering.


Global Solutions in Brazilian Soil: that is what Geo Soluções –Strata Systems offers with its own geosynthetics and proprietary technology, certified and applied worldwide. National benchmark in innovation for Geotechnics, we are part of a group founded in 1880, focused on overcoming challenges through deep understanding of each project. American leader in geogrids for reinforcement of walls and embankments, we are proud of each work that we have helped make possible in Brazil.