The official travel agency Ouro Preto Turismo Receptivo is organizing our official tourism visits, accompanied by a travel guide and a member of our Organizing Committee – paid directly by the visitors:

  • Inhotim Day – Wednesday, 10/19/16
  • Ouro Preto – Sunday, 10/23/16

Should you require a different arrangement, a different date or more tourism options, please contact them directly:

Ouro Preto Turismo Receptivo
Phone +55 (31) 3223 7484

We are also preparing a couple of technical visits. All the information will be available soon.

Inhotim Day

The Instituto Inhotim, located 60 km from Belo Horizonte, is an artistic and landscaping complex home to one of the greatest collections of contemporary art in Brazil, considered the largest open air museum in Latin America and placed in 2014 as one of the 25 top visitor-reviewed museums of the world. Describing the venue is indeed a difficult task, surprising and unique, deep within an immense botanical garden boasting, among other collections, over 1400 species of palm trees – including a walking one! This is the attraction you just can´t miss! Prepare to stroll through the many pavilions spread throughout the gardens.
What´s included: One day visit, transport with departure/arrival at Minascentro, lunch at Tamboril Restaurant (inside the venue) and electric carts for the tour route.
When: Wednesday, 10/19/16
Price: R$300,00 per visitor – limited spots available, requires confirmation. For reservation, click here.
For more information on Inhotim, check:

Ouro Preto

Located 104 km from Belo Horizonte, the city of Ouro Preto is a masterpiece of Brazilian colonial architecture and art, and main stage to the “Incofidência Mineira” – “Minas Gerais Conspiracy” was an unsuccessful Brazilian separatist movement in 1789 – then a Portuguese colony – inspired by the independence of the British colonies in North America following the American Revolutionary War. The city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and within its many churches and museums are showcased the intricate details and art works by artists who created this monument of Brazilian baroque style. The painting of Manuel da Costa Athaíde and the sculptures of Antônio Francisco Lisboa, Aleijadinho, are living examples of this period of enormous creative inspiration. Amongst its main attractions – the biggest being the city itself – are the Museu da Inconfidência, o Museu de Mineralogia da Escola de Minas e o Museu do Oratório, aside from the world famous churches: Igreja de São Francisco de Assis and Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Pilar.
What´s included: One whole day visit, transport with departure/arrival at Minascentro and lunch at a local restaurant (typical Minas Gerais cuisine).
When: Sunday, 10/23/16
Price: R$240,00 per visitor – limited spots available, requires confirmation. For reservation, click here.
For more information on Ouro Preto, check: